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Careers in Fashion Design

Beyond the stylish lifestyle, all the glamour and fame, the fashion industry proves to be quite fiercely competitive and challenging around the corner. Studying design is challenging but also rewarding. Design degree courses equip you with an ideal combination of both practical and theoretical skills. The majority of design graduates specialize in a specific area […]


Fashion Entrepreneurship – Building Future Fashion Leaders

Indian fashion industry has seen vigorous growth in recent years. The industry offers lucrative opportunities for intuitive artist and creative talents. The current market scenario is prosperous for fashion design graduates as there are multiple career options as designers, pattern makers, sketching apparel workers etc.It also gives a rewarding entrepreneurial prospect to the student as […]

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Should Designers Work in Pairs?

Look at it more closely and you will see that the ‘famed hand’ behind a fashion label is invariably not a single designer but, indeed, a pair of them! What with Abraham & Thakore, Meera & Muzaffar, Hemant Sagar & Lecoanet, Ashima & Leena, Nikhil & Shantanu, Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna … and the […]


The Business Of Fashion Design …The continually emergent industry

The very word “FASHION” signifies change. This pace of change shows no signs of stopping and fashion designers are under endless pressure to maintain their creative energy. Fashion in India and in the global scenario today is big business. The industry, today worth multibillion – dollars, began with some small design entrepreneurs at the turn […]

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Is design science? Can creativity be taught?

Fashion Design defines the very essence of creativity that adorns the wearer’s personality and represents it for the world to see. It is an area of interest for one and all… it the little prince and princesses; young professionals or the who’s who of the social circle and let’s not forget the new age fashionably […]

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Utilize the Ultimate Benefits of Fashion Colleges

Those who have a passion for designing and giving innovative inputs at the each day put on or the objects of daily use are regularly most suitable for the profession of fashion designing. They have to search for admission into a college of fashion and decorate their skills to make a success profession in this […]


Why Choose Career In Fashion Designing Field

In this modern society, success is a significant aspect of everybody’s being.  The fashion designing is an art whereby that you make new clothes where folks would wear and also appear although much more beautiful. The new trend setting sector is amid one of important rapid paced industries, offering a wide-ranging job possibility to those […]