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Learn What Influences Fashion At a Reputed College of Fashion

Fashion has always been one of the most discussed topics in the world. This perhaps explains the fact that it has constantly evolved over hundreds of years. 21st century India with its majority young population is one of the biggest markets for fashion apparels and accessories in the world. In fact the industry is expected to double its volume in the next few years. We are witnessing intense competition between local brands as well as international ones for the pie. As a budding fashion designer there are unlimited opportunities and enrolling in a reputed college of fashion is the way to go.

The Influences

Every design or attire has its own influences while some follow the traditional line others tend to bring in influences from every industry and profession. Jackets with military insignia would be unimaginable about 100 years back but these are huge hits among the youth today so are t-shits with funky slogans. Similarly Bollywood has had a great influence over people’s attire in the country. This industry attracts some of the leading names in the world of fashion design who explore new ideas and creations.

To make a mark in this industry you would need to identify what are the major influences behind the clothes that Indians like to wear. Last but not the least you need to also keep in mind the fact that India has rich history of fabrics, design and colors and these are great influencing factors when it comes to women’s attire. At the fashion design college you would be enlightened on all major factors that influence the fashion design market in India.

Spot The Changing Trends

It is often said the trends in the world of fashion change at the blink of an eye. And this is where timing becomes very important. If you don’t spot the changing trends at the right time you wouldn’t be able to ride your success. Every trend has a shelf life while some tend to last only a season others tend to fare well for a few years. Irrespective of their shelf life you would need to be among the primary spotters of these trends and explore them to the fullest.

Indian fashion industry is highly influenced by the trends in the west and hence you need to keep your eyes open on what is trending in the United States and Europe. As they say in a globalized world there are no barriers and in fact it doesn’t takes months and years for a trend to reach Indian shores as was the case in the past! When you interact with leading designers during fashion shows and workshops during your course you would come across many inner secrets of this industry that would help you in your career.

It is important for you to enroll for a PG diploma in fashion designing at a reputed college in the country. Make sure the faculty at the college brings strong industry experience and the college has quality infrastructure to support your ambitions.

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Fashion Designing Course Opens Various Windows of Opportunities

Fashion is something that can grow on you or you could be born loving everything beautiful. When this love is for clothes and you often find yourself doodling designs, you must know you can have a career in the fashion industry. One of the first steps to make a successful career in the fashion industry is to get enrolled in a reputable fashion designing institute in Delhi. A good college offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and up-to-date curriculum ensures that you are guided on the right direction.

There are numerous courses in fashion designing that can lead you to a path of a career that’s not simply limited to designing high street clothes. Most of the fashion designing institute in Delhi hone a student’s talent in multiple levels. Added to that, fashion internships, retail experience and networking opportunities can boost your employability factor.

Today there are numerous choices after graduating with a fashion degree. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities that can open a career in fashion designing.

# Fashion Designer:
Most youngsters who enrol in a fashion designing institute in Delhi dreams of becoming a top-notch fashion designer. This is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative options after completing a course in fashion designing. Most often, fresh graduates begin their career as assistants. This helps them develop their skill, get an insight on the workings of the industry and handling responsibilities. Flying solo immediately after graduation is also an option, though prior exposure helps everyone.

# Fashion Merchandising And Fashion Buying:
Fashion merchandising and fashion buying are slightly more business-oriented options and are apt for graduates who have a keen knack on assessing current fashion trends. A career in fashion buying means you concentrate on purchasing and sourcing on-trend products for company clients and consumers. On the other hand, fashion merchandising requires you to estimate how much a customer can spend on the right kind of merchandises and making sure they are available at the right stores. Both these are considered key jobs in the retail industry.

# Fashion marketing and PR
Fashion marketing and PR is often taught as a separate specialization in reputed fashion designing colleges. The key job in this field is to be able to market fresh fashion to the right section of consumers before the trend goes out of fashion. It is a very challenging job because fashion trends change very quickly. As a fashion marketing and PR professional, the key job is to design advertising campaigns that can immediately attract and sell a current fashion trend.

# Fashion Production and Management
Fashion production and management require you to handle the production aspect. Here stress is given on quality of materials used, zero-wastage and sustainable use of raw materials. In recent times, it has become one of the driving career options for fresh fashion graduates. If you have an interest in textiles, understand the production process, have managerial skills or experience in manufacturing and production, this can be the right career choice for you.

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Explore the Possibilities at a Reputed College of Fashion

Fashion designing is one of the most creative streams of education in the country. Naturally it attracts students who have the x-factor in them and can think beyond the obvious. If you have decided to enroll yourself in a college of fashion there are no dearth of such institutions in the country. This is where it becomes very important for you to choose a reputed design college in India, one that would offer you quality education and more importantly broad exposure to the industry. Let us discuss a few possibilities that you can explore after completing a PG in fashion designing courses.

Apparels & Accessories Industry: The apparel and accessories industry is India has been growing at a healthy rate of over ten percent every year. By 2021 this is poised to reach a value of $230 billion dollars. As a budding designer you would easily be able to find employment once you graduate and work with the leading design houses in the country. Here you get the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the market from experts and add your own touch to the brand’s clothing and accessories line.

The World of Entertainment: Entertainment is in the soul of India. From movies to television India is one of the largest producers and consumers of entertainment in the world. With 800 plus movies being produced annually and hundreds of television channels it offers a great opportunity for young designers to work with some of the leading names in the industry. This industry is in constant need of designers who would design outfits to be used by the cast. In fact it is the Indian entertainment industry that sets the trends for 1.25 billion people to follow. Working in the entertainment industry also gives you the opportunity to translate your creative idea in well-designed outfits and accessories.

Starting Own Label: This might have sounded like a wild idea about 10 years back but young designers have the opportunity of starting their own labels in today’s world. Though you would need to make some capital investment into your venture, if you have the right ideas finding an investor isn’t tough anymore. Businesses in India have matured and investors are willing put their capital into startups as this promises them maximum returns. You would also be able to use the power of Internet and sell your products via the leading ecommerce platforms in the country.

Though opportunities are plenty for young fashion designers you need to make the perfect start and land up in the right jobs. This is where the role of the institution where you enroll for your fashion designing course becomes crucial. A reputed institution would help you earn the right internship opportunities were you can work with the leading names in different industries that are in need of designers. You would also participate in fashion shows and other events where you would be able to brush your shoulders with the who’s who of the fashion industry and this adds value to your overall training as a fashion designer.

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Build Your Career at a Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi

You have to accept the fact that the fashion industry is one of the most competitive career options. Dozens of designers make their way into the market each day but only a few make it to the top. If you want to create your mark in this industry you need to have the positive attitude, creativity and a degree from a reputed institution. You might have come across dozens of advertisements for fashion institutes around the country but you need to make your choice carefully. A reputed fashion designing institute in Delhi would give you the perfect start to your career.

Be Part of Competition: You can study in some obscure institute and never really know about competition before you venture out looking for a job or think about starting your own venture. In Delhi you would be studying in a high competitive environment that prepares you for the toughest of situations that you are likely to face in the market. Also you would have some of the most creative minds studying alongside you and this allows you to gain lot of insights into the market and add to your knowledge about the latest trends in the industry.

Enhance Your Creativity: You may have the right set of creative instincts but this talent of your needs to be channelized in the right directions. You need to gather knowledge on the basis of the fashion industry, the different types of fabrics that are used in the contemporary fashion industry. A good college in Delhi would give you the right kind of exposure where you would know about the fabrics and style of different states in India and also major international fashion trends. When such a strong foundation has been laid you can experiment with your creativity and come out with designs and styles that meet the contemporary tastes of the market.

Ready InternshipYou are aware of the importance of internship in your career. If you get to work with an established designer or label it would add value to your CV in the future. This is where professional fashion institutes in Delhi offer you the edge. The city is the home to some of the top designers in the country and thus you would get the opportunity to work with some of the best. You also get the opportunity to establish strong contacts during this period and this would pay dividends for a lifetime.

A degree or a pg diploma in fashion designing from a reputed institute such as International College of Fashion can do wonders to your career. The institute has carved a niche for itself over the years and has ensured its students are a shade above the rest in the country. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and team of experienced faculty the institute has always offered the right kind of exposure to its students and shaped their career. Established designers and other successful people from the industry are invited to share their experiences with the students and answer to their queries.

Courses, PG in Fashion Designing

The Recipe for a Successful Career in Fashion Industry

India has become a fashion conscious society. Post the liberalization and the opening of the Indian economy the fashion industry has seen a huge boom. It is expected that the industry would be worth $223 billion by 2021. This presents a great career opportunity if you have a relatively creative bent of mind towards clothes and apparels. With Indians willing to experiment with their clothes and accessories various International labels have made their way into the country and the local ones are going to different corners of the globe. It is a highly competitive industry and to succeed in this business you need to develop a strong base. PG in fashion designing courses would be the ideal start to your career and you can enroll yourself in a reputed college of fashion.

The Opportunities
When we talk about the fashion industry the opportunities are truly endless. At the start of your career you can start with an established fashion label or even start your own clothing line if you have the entrepreneurial skills. The most popular career option is the garment industry where you can experiment with traditional and modern fabrics. Apart from the garment industry you can also try your hand in footwear, jewelry and accessories industry which have seen a huge boom in the last few years.

Fashion Events
There are dozens of fashion events being held in the large cities every year. Even the small cities aren’t behind and they have their own events. In many cases these shows are clubbed with large events such as a trade shows or even annual events in educational institutes. These events offer you the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent to the masses. You will also get the opportunity to work with the established names in the market and this serves as a great learning experience which will help you in the career ahead.

E-Commerce offers budding designers to start their own fashion line with limited capital investment. Indians are increasingly shopping for clothes and accessories online. Along with the established players there are niche stores that are catering to specific needs of the consumers. In the last few years a large number of custom t-shirts and other clothing stores have been launched in the web space. All you need is a small manufacturing facility, a warehouse and an attractive website and you can get going with your own online store.

A PG degree from International College of Fashion ( would offer would offer you the perfect platform to launch your career in this highly competitive industry. It has established itself as one of the most sought after institute in the fashion designing industry. It has strong infrastructure and offers exposure to the students who can interact and learn from the leading names in the fashion industry. The highly experienced faculty brings in a lot of value to the table and unearths the creativity in the individual students and helps them lay the right foundation for a strong career ahead.

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How Has Fashion Sector Grown In Terms Of Student Exposure?

Creativity is the core asset for any fashion designer and this sector has a long history of generating new trends via people who have ventured beyond traditional aesthetics. There was a time when fashion sector was seen as a playground for the rich and wealthy. India as a country did not have much ground for fashion as there were other priorities in life. But with the country developing fast and opening its door to globalization, it has led to a huge boost within this sector.

The biggest beneficiary of this has been the students who can enthrall in fashion designing as a primary career option. Over the years there have been many fashion designing college in India that offer a wide range of courses from retail management to accessory designing.  It is vital to understand that the main aim of these courses is to enable students to envision various techniques and aspects of fashion. Moreover this industry is based on conceptualization and how well you are able to put down you draft design on paper. There is misconception among the masses that only those people who have a knack for fashion and accessories can make it big in this industry. The fact of the matter is that although this industry is highly competitive there is still room of knowledge gathering and students who want to learn fashion designing can easily undertake various courses.

Fashion as a whole entity ranges from diversification of various modules. It is vital to understand that it does not only include clothing but also covers draping, accessorizing and any other form of texture designing.  Students need to have ample knowledge of body structures and how to define the curves over a body. This is due to the fact that each and every dress they design has to be made in accordance to a set rule of body structure. This in turn makes the stitching of the garment highly feasible along with other manufacturing processes.

All this knowledge is ushered on the students during the course of the program. They are also made to understand the manufacturing process of various manufacturing techniques so that it is easy for them to also reduce the cost implication of each and every process. From the start of time when fashion came to the mainstream, it has been revolving around the ethos of garments along with blend of colors and textures.

In additions to the above students also get to understand the fashion forecast while undergoing pg diploma in fashion designing so that they are able to deduce which form of fashion would make a mark for itself. They usually intake various tools like Photoshop, coral draw and fashion CAD during the course of the programs. The outlook of fashion is highly permissible and it has brought with it many fashion brands that take out students under their umbrella right out of the colleges. This provides ample exposure to the students and enables them to have a deeper connect within the sector.

PG in Fashion Designing

Open Career Opportunities with PG in Fashion Designing Courses

The clothes and apparels industry is booming in India. With a fast growing market, fashion designing has become one of the most sought after career options among youngsters. Young designers in the country are experimenting with traditional and modern fabrics and designs to set new style trends. If you have a creative bent of mind and looking to explore opportunities in this industry a PG in fashion designing courses would open numerous career opportunities for you both in India and abroad. The need of the hour is to choose a reputed college of fashion and enroll in a post graduate program that offers maximum mileage to your career.

The Fundamentals: As a budding fashion designer it is important for you to grasps the fundamentals of the fashion industry. You need to understand the tastes of people of various age groups, cultures, demographics etc. You need to study different kinds of fabrics and other materials used in the fashion industry. A professional institute would make you aware of the intricacies involved in designing and manufacturing clothes and accessories. It would give you updated knowledge of each and every field.

Specialization: The fashion industry is large and spread over many verticals. To make a career for yourself you would have to gain specialized knowledge in a certain field. This could be garment, leather items, jewelry, footwear or other accessories. When you opt for a post graduate courses you can opt for a certain niche based on your interests and overall prospects in the industry. The course would offer you in-depth knowledge of the niche in terms of the current trends, market size, leading players in the territory and future opportunities. You can also opt for internships in these fields to get a firsthand experience of the industry during your course program.

Business of Fashion: It is good if you are creative and can think out of the box, it is good if you can create great designs that would suit the contemporary taste of the market but you need to understand the business of fashion to make it big in this industry. This is where reputed institutions offer you the edge as they make you aware of the domestic and international market scenario. You would be able to spot the emerging demands in the market and act accordingly. Entrepreneurial skills are inculcated in you allowing you to explore the option of starting your own business venture.

It is very important for you to choose a design institute carefully. This is where an institute like International College of Fashion ( fits your bill perfectly. Rated as the top fashion design college in India it has state-of-the-art infrastructure where students are imparted lessons in fashion designing and entrepreneurship. Along with the highly qualified and experienced faculty guest lecturers from different works of the fashion industry enrich the knowledge and skills of the students to provide them the much needed competitive edge. Students from this institute are working with the leading names in the industry with many having launched their own labels.

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Professional Courses in Fashion Have Become a Necessity

Fashion designing has gone through huge transformation in the recent years with a range of courses coming to the forefront. Students are now taking a professional approach to this industry and getting serious for it as a career. Gone are those days when fashion designing was seen as a passé for the rich and famous. With India opening its door to globalization western fashion has become a household name. Moreover with new ideas spurring up among the young generation aspiring to become a designer, it has created a new dimension of bend of Indian and western culture.

There is no denying the fact that there have been many opportunities along the way for individuals in this sector. By as the competitions is increasing and big brand making their presence felt with in the country, it has become imperative to have an avid approach towards this sector. The PG Diploma in Fashion Designing gives ample opportunity to any students to expand their wings of creativity and make it big in this industry. If offers various study programs to enhance the employments opportunities for students like being involved in retail merchandising, apparel retail brands, luxury brands, accessory labels or just ready to wear fashion industry. Any person aspiring to become a fashion designer must not take it as a part time profession as it involves rigorous hard work and a knack for creativity in developing new trends with a mixture of different color and textures.

These programs have been designed in such a manner that the students get accustomed to all the aspects of this industry, and shape them to take on all the day to day challenges face by many. A fashion designer needs to be equipped with the knowledge and a professional attitude so that it is easy for them to work in accordance of this sector. Just entering this arena without any professional skills can only retain you to a certain extent. This not only helps in creating creative ideas through technical interpretation but also enables a deeper link between the two entities.

It has been seen that the amount of exposure fashion industry is having in India it has led to a wide array of college of fashion coming to the forefront. This has also enabled many graduates from different industries trying their hand in fashion designing. These professional courses make it easy for any individuals to learn basic entities of fashion. Moreover they also offer a diversity of internship programs that help these students in developing skills. The holistic prospective ushered on students via these study programs is highly beneficial to complete an overall development process of a fashion designer. The concept of consumer engagement and delivering fashion trends that can spark a wave among consumers is highly vital. As it has been a common practice of undertaking seminars as well as discussion during the course of these programs where industry experts would share their ideas and interact with students so as to bring them up to date with the industry insights.

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Top Courses in Fashion Designing at International College of Fashion

The fashion industry is booming these days. Making your career in the market is a great idea. It offers safe and bright career opportunities. Today, various types of courses are offered in the field including long term, short term and distance. Education experts encourage youth to pursue the course in the fashion industry that provides comprehensive knowledge. They guide students for pursuing full time programs in the fashion field in order to find out secure and bright career opportunities. Here are some top courses to do from an international college of fashion.

BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

This is a highly respected program that is designed to provide talented and active fashion entrepreneurs. The program provides high level of understanding of the fashion marketplace both national and international level. It generates the quality of decision making and develop the creative skills. The program duration is of 3 years. It covers all types of knowledge of fabrics, style and culture. The course involves an internship with a reputed fashion house, export agency or fashion retail. It helps developing the confidence level of the students so that they can become a self-employed creative practitioner. There are around 8 semesters in the course. The last year study encourages students for working in an independent manner through a series of industrial projects which includes managing a business, making future predication, managing fashion events etc… After completion of the course, it becomes easy to enter to fashion houses, fashion retail chains and global entrepreneurship.

MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

This is an advanced version of BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. The course focuses on knowledge of business leadership in the fashion industry. It inculcates the quality of problem-solving. It helps to differentiate between managing start-ups and large organizations. Management of product development, how to launch a new product in the glamour market, how to start a fashion campaign, how to organize different types of fashion events etc… are hugely covered in the course. After finishing the BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship, it would be good to consider further studies in MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. The course can be done by those youth who are looking for a bright career in the glamour industry after pursuing graduation in any stream. It is a 2-year full time program that needs regular attendance to understand the subject matter well.

PG Diploma in Fashion Designing

From a leading fashion designing college, one can pursue this professional program that focuses on developing new age fashion designers. It gives good knowledge of fabric, fashion culture of different counties in the past and the present, sewing, pattern making and digital pattern making. The course gives hands-on training more than theoretical. Expert fashion designers are invited to guide students live about new age fashion market and the demand. Of campus and on-campus interviews are organized for this 1-year professional degree. Student finds various types of work opportunities such as fashion consultants, designers, fashion retailers etc… They can setup their own organization because it is a complete creative course to do from a leading fashion designing college in India or any part of the world.